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All videos have been edited and produced by IBT students.

Designing and Modelling a Skate Park

Chincouagousy Skatepark

This experience integrated Math, Science, Language and Social Studies curriculum expectations in a hands on, collaborative, and inquiry based assignment.

measuring angles at the skate park measuring angles at the skate park 2

Students recorded the slopes and angles of the ramps. On returning to their classroom, students used a CAD program to design a replica of the skate park, and then used this computer-aided design to build an actual model of the park.


Outing to digiPlaySpace @TIFF Bell Lightbox

digiPlaySpace at TIFF is an annual interactive playground designed to inspire creativity and teach children about the digital world through hands-on exploration.

Stop Animation

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Solar Car Design Contest

Students worked in teams to design, build, and perfect their own solar car design. Solar cars then competed to determine which design would go the farthest distance.

Solar Cars Solar Car Prep

Solar Car checklist Solar Fun

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