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Williams Parkway IBT Frequently Asked Questions List

1. "How many students will be accepted into IBT for the 2019/20 school year?"
A: 84 students (3 classes) will be accepted into IBT for the 2019/20 school year.

2. "How can I arrange transportation for my child to Williams Parkway if accepted into IBT?"
A: Bussing for students in the International Business and Technology programs throughout the Peel District School Board is contracted to private companies called Bus to School and Personal Motor Coach. Details are available by clicking on the 'Bussing' link above.

Bus to School offers bussing for students enrolled in the IBT Program at Williams Parkway Sr. Public School. For more information and to apply for bussing visit the Bus to School website or contact them by email or by phone. Please note that this company charges fees for this private service.

Website: www.bustoschool.com
E-mail: contact@bustoschool.com
Phone: (416) 988-4400

3. "What is the cost of the application fee?"
A: The cost of each application is $40-non-refundable. This fee is used to offset any expenses the school incurs during the application process.

4. "At what point will we know if our student has been accepted into the program?"
A: Letters of Acceptance will be emailed by April 10, 2019. These offers must be accepted no later than 3:00 pm on April 17, 2019. If Offers of Acceptance are declined, then the available positions in the program will be offered to students on the waitlist, in the order drawn, until all 84 positions are filled.

5."What is the annual cost of the IBT program at Williams Parkway?"
A: The annual cost for students accepted into the IBT program includes:

Other costs that may be incurred include the purchase of a laptop, and the cost of transportation if necessary.

6. "How are the criteria for acceptance ranked in order of importance? (For example, are marks more important than Learning Skills?)"
A: Students will be evaluated on a combination of their Learning Skills and their Report Card marks

7."What are the criteria for acceptance into the IBT program?"
A: For acceptance into the IBT program, a student is required to have:

8."Will there be a waiting list? How many students? How long will it be maintained?”
A: Yes. Every student who meets the minimum criteria will be entered into a lottery for the 84 placements in the Williams Parkway IBT program. After names have been drawn for the 84 places, additional names will be drawn to form a short waitlist of candidates who will be made offers of acceptance in order of the draw, in the event that students who receive an offer of acceptance chooses to decline the offer. The waiting list will close on June 27, 2019.

9. "Will there be another application process at Grade 7?"
A: No. Students accepted into the grade 6 IBT program will automatically move on to the Grade 7 and Grade 8 IBT program. They will not need to re-apply.

10. "If my student is accepted the IBT Program at Williams Parkway, will he/she continue into the IBT Program at high school?"
A: No. Students accepted into the IBT program at Williams Parkway who wish to enter the IBT program at North Park High School (or at any other Peel secondary school) will need to make an application in Grade 8 and follow that school’s application process.

11. "What equipment will my student need for the program?"
A: Information about technical equipment requirements is listed under Applications – Required Technology. Students need to bring their own laptop to school each day. Students will also require a musical instrument and regular school supplies indicated on the Grade 6 School Supplies list distributed to all Grade 6 students.

12. "How does a non-Peel student apply to the IBT program?"
A: Non-Peel students must pick up a paper application from the school office, ensure the application is complete, and submit their application and $40 fee (cash or cheque) to the school by 12:00 noon on February 11, 2019.


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